Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Use best materials & your work will rise to the challenge.
Bienfang Designer series Graphics 360 100% Rag Translucent Marker Paper. Prisma markers are a good start, AD Markers my choice.

Ink on front of tracing paper. Add color pencil on back of tracing paper. Marker on front.

Sample of my work as a student like you. Airbrush, Marker, Pen, Prisma Pencil, Liquid Paper (yellow), tooth brush splatter...whatever it takes.

My Sketch-Up model based on AutoCAD drawings for real world client. Used Photoshop to complete overall presentation.

Books for Reference. I do have a massive library of text for reference. If I had to choose just a few, the following would be my TOP FIVE for Arch/Design students.

Color Drawing 3rd Edition by Michael E. Doyle ISBN 0471741906
Architectural Drawing- A Visual Compendium of Types and Methods by Rendow Yee ISBN 9780471793663
Drawing Shortcuts-Drawing Quick Drawing Skills Using Today's Technology by Jim Leggitt, AIA
Architectural Rendering techniques/ A Color Reference by Mike W. Lin, ASLA
Drawing and Designing with Confidence/ A Step-By-Step Guide by Mike W. Lin, ASLA

The following videos are best for students learning SketchUp with use of AutoCAD & Photoshop. Basic at top more Advanced as you go down.

SketchUp/ Revit Architecture/ Photoshop

Ricardo Uribe Jr. MA
American Society of Architectural Illustrators U-be on ASAI
California Drafting Technology Consortium-Member 2010
MA Industrial & Technical Studies- Cal State LA
BA Art- Design Option- Cal State LA
AA Architectural Technology- Cerritos College
My name is Ricardo Uribe Jr. I'm a 35-year-old designer from Lynwood, California. In second grade I attended a field trip to Watts Towers, which changed my life forever. I've studied architecture, art and design ever since. I now live in Upland, CA and teach design at local colleges.

Academic Achievements:
National Deans List 1997
California State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

Best Illustration 1996- Undergraduate Art Exhibition
California State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

1st Place College Scholarship Art Competition- 1990
South Gate Art Association, South Gate, California

Steven's Hope for Children was looking for a concept for a new project. The layout for the apartments are based on senior housing. The bright colors are based on Lego color blocks, to provide a fun and safe place for kids while they are in recovery.
Steven's Hope for Children

Sketches by Candice Olson

Student model from Revit Architecture 2010 to 3D printer.

Samples from my students.

Student Samples.

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